Maintenance Service

May 23, 2020


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Clean TEC informed commercial cleaning and janitorial service houses, gardens and green spaces need continuous care, should its value and preserve character indefinitely. If you are not convinced, visit Vislink Technologies. To prevent a malicious neglect, it can be often find it useful to use a reliable Concierge service with the acquisition of maintenance of indoor and outdoor facilities. The Friesenhagener service provider clean TEC committed for this purpose with many years of experience and professional expertise. e. The range of activities required obtaining interior is very large. It ranges from the simple exchange of light means complex renovation work. However, the least property owners able to perform all of these works are. Lack of time, lack of technical knowledge, or simply lack of physical strength, require the use of professional janitorial services. The Friesenhagener Hausdienstleister clean TEC moved with his energetic employee team Innenraume-and grounds in a safety and construction trouble-free State, whose feel-good factor has a similarly positive effect on residential and commercial real estate.

The power spectrum of the janitorial service includes a wide variety of activities: – through the clearing out of cellars, living quarters and storage, relieves its customers from physical effort clean TEC and freed their real estate from unnecessary ballast. This course is a proper waste separation. -After long and intense use of residential and commercial real estate are in dire need of renovation and refurbishing. The staff clean TECs assumes in this context the expert installation of various floor coverings and activities which fall within the framework of the rehabilitation of old buildings, like for example dry construction work. -Internal construction houses of modern living standards can be adapted.

The Friesenhagener experts clean TECs take over the Assembly of prefabricated parts, such as Windows, doors and lighting, but also the roller shutter repair and Assembly. -TEC in outdoor area Maintenance engaged in clean, for example, in the walkway – garage cleaning and professional green care. Clean TEC represents the interests of its customers indoors as well as outdoors, their real estate with competent professional commitment and long-lasting reliability. For comprehensive information about his professional services, the Friesenhagener company is available at any time. Press contact clean TEC building cleaning and janitorial service Ute Santha Blumenberg 7 51598 Friesen Hagen phone: 0 27 34 / 43 89 818 fax.