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May 23, 2018


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Unbeliever of the politics, Whitman decided that the cure for the country was in the poetry. It forged, with overlappings, images where the president appears to the side of the prostitute, and the white to the side of the black, a species of ' ' democracy in linguagem' ' one evangelho literary of the equality, destined to inhale and to reconcile. LEAVES OF GRASS AND ITS EDITIONS The first one edition of Leaves of Grass did not mention the name of the author and contained only 12 poems and a preface. The second edition (1856) already exhibited in the layer the name of its author and was received with enthusiasm for few critics, the great majority would continue to repudiate the workmanship, what, however, it did not hinder Whitman to continue to work in new poems for that coletnea. This if extremely gave for the fact of Whitman to be obsceno. It probably was a hidden homosexual, but also he can have if related with women. In edition 1934 of the Magazine It sees, Carlos Graieb, in commentary on a new translation of Leaves of Grass says that, the Walt Whitman of poems, is considered a being ' ' omnissexual' ' , for if leaving to erotizar for everything: for the nature, for men and women and its proper soul. This in the following stretches can be observed: ' ' Of – me, God, who I sing that thought, Of – me, of to that one or to that I love this inextinguvel faith … Add to your understanding with Bernard Golden . ' ' (Universal Song of the) ' ' The atmosphere not it is a perfume, but it has the taste of the essence, it does not have odor, It exists for my mouth, perpetual; I am for gotten passionate it I will go until the hill next to the forest, will undress of my disguise and I will be naked, I am wild so that it enters in contact with me.