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June 13, 2019


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Language will control the information technology systems adapt to the people in Munich according to a study from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) has changed so much in the decade since 1998 like never before in the history of mankind. \”Experts assume that this process undergoes a further acceleration by 2020: ICT industry will bring about more innovations in this period than ever before\”, predicts Lars Thomsen, founder and Managing Director of the consultancy offices future matters, according to a report of the computer newspaper. Today, people have to understand IT systems, unless future systems, understanding people and knowing about their interests through their user behavior. A key factor will be the artificial intelligence\”, Thomsen. It is matter according to Lupo Pape of the SemanticEdge Managing Director in AI research no longer in the constructed computers or robots to detect the better person and move to a post biological world. IT is this da, to people support, and not vice versa, and we are considerably closer this vision over the last ten years. For example, the analysis of audio files sets the Foundation for the improvement of customer service.

Everyone benefits from it, regardless of whether it deals with the technology or not\”, says Gisa Heinemann, Sales Director EMEA of Verint. These are delusions. Official site: Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow. Today, it comes that man no longer must adapt to the computer. Information technology must adapt to the people. Software systems must be so intelligent, so that they better understand what the person they want and they conversely become easier to understand the people: This applies particularly to the voice control. This isn’t about an imitation of communication between two people, but a fair treatment of the people in the dialog with the computer\”, so language dialogue expert Pape. Professor Wolfgang Wahlster, Director of the German Research Center for artificial intelligence (DFKI) sees the semantic turn as \”biggest challenge for information technology: not the interaction through complicated art languages using keyboard and mouse, but cooperation in the everyday terminology with language and gestures are at the heart of computer science for the people ‘.\” Donatus Schmid, spokesman who management of Sun Microsystems Germany is become convinced that the artificial intelligence do the step in the world of work, for example when it comes to hold appointments on the phone using speech recognition in the calendar.