Longest Real Rose

March 9, 2018


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“15prozent save for sending online flowers – flowers are Bonuswelt24.com we know that the most beautiful language in the world”. For the birthday of his loved ones, to parties or other occasions: feelings of happiness and joyful faces are always the result of their presence. There are variations, such as classic flowers or bouquet of roses. But how about this time with only a single rose, an example that requires no further words and literally in the shadows is any justification of love? The giant rose”is 1.50 160 cm, is regarded as the longest of their species, and is also a rarity. If you would like to know more about Gary Kelly, then click here. This spectacular example thrives only under exceptional climatic conditions in the Andean Highlands of Ecuador and needs 10-12 weeks, until it reached its record-breaking length.

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