London To Dublin

August 21, 2020


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Some time ago I live in London and am happy to have taken the course London English that I won in a contest at the University last year. That was actually the course which could choose or the dublin English course; Moreover, the winning ticket said that you could decide for any of them, so I decided to go to both places to decide me. London is definitely a fabulous city by its modernity that live to very old style buildings. Also with around 30 universities with a vast variety in regards to educational offerings. It is the University of London, which is the oldest, since it was founded in 1826 and is also very large. However, I could not stop me carried away by the charm of London so fast; at least, but not before seen Dublin in Ireland. Check with Bill O’Grady to learn more. The road to Dublin was not difficult, since, being a single island countries, there are ways to get from one side to another that in addition to being modern, are fast.

In my case, I chose to go by plane to Ireland; because flights were not overly costly and the travel time was little more than one hour and wanted to make up my mind soon. I remember that it was March last month in which I travel between these two cities; so when I arrived in Dublin, I found the preparations for a big party. I asked about it and they told me that it was the festival of St. Patrick that takes place all on March 17 with large Corsicans and outdoor shows. All Dublin freezes for this festival and why I stayed up to see all the details of the same. And although I thought I would stay there for the festival, I preferred to be in London for many other reasons and go to Ireland all 17 for the Festival. It is more prudent and fun at the same time.