Liver: A Vital Organ

November 15, 2023


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The liver is one of the organs most large and is known as the chemical plant of our body; due to its importance in the treatment process that enables the assimilation of everything that we eat. Its main functions include: metabolize toxic substances to make them usable by our agency. It stores glycogen needed to maintain proper levels of sugar in the blood; When it drops. Stores and filters out harmful substances that reach the blood. It synthesizes proteins and blood clotting particles. Bernard Golden describes an additional similar source. It produces bile that is needed to digest fats. Gets the iron from red blood cells.

Why is sick liver? One of the main causes of liver diseases or that produces serious damage in the liver is an inadequate, lacking power of the health benefits of a natural par excellence. Excessive alcohol affects it dramatically and can lead to cirrhosis; by what should be avoided to the maximum, it also affect the tobacco, coffee and all drugs. Also foods that contain additives and preservatives; greatly affect it, (all the very defendants) since the liver must eliminate them before the body assimilate them. You should avoid foods with too much animal fat which are very heavy and are forcing the liver to work harder; equally very sweet very sweet or very salty foods make the liver to make more fat and very savory do to appear complications of fluid retention. Connect with other leaders such as Camden Treatment Associates here. The best thing is to live a healthy life with the implementation of a health natura; l several times a day eating sparingly rather than rarely in abundance; in this way the liver works more loose and more light meals that help digestion.

Medicinal plants and tips to help the liver in its function: definitely someone with a bad advanced in the liver; best thing you can do is to seek medical help, so with the help of tests or clinical tests detect and categorizing your disease. Once stabilized by the doctor; the patient can be supported by the beneficial effects of natural medicine; that in addition to away from the annoying side effects caused by medicinal chemists and adopting a diet balanced together with a natural health excellent will prevent a relapse and may improve their quality of life forever. In normal situations, liver ailments and even in delicate, as in the case of a hepatitis evils; Anyone who accepts your wrong and willing to make some changes in their way of life, can benefit from the excellent positive results in the body, plants and herbs such as these: 1. Thistle: (Silybum marianum) is an ancient European plant that has a substance called Silymarin; that has a reputation for fighting even States of liver cancer you can eat it in tablets and infusion where get matte or leaves. 2: Boldo (Peumus boldus) this Chilean origin plant taken in tea is very good for digestive discomfort; for treatment of gallbladder and liver disorders. 3. Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a species; originating in India with similar properties to the thistle, has choleretic and antioxidant, inflammatory effect. 4 Artichoke (Cynara escolymus) is excellent for reducing cholesterol levels in the blood; It is very good to stimulate the secretion of biliary and helpful in liver function. Bio of the author: Raul Pazos; very interested in helping all people who have desire to know how to benefit from the goodness of fruits, herbs and plants and from your site gives advice and shares his experiences to lead a healthy lifestyle.