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January 18, 2018


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The VW Phaeton as chauffeur limousine in the self test. The Volkswagen Phaeton is not only with us in Munich a niche segment of the luxury sedans. Straight international clientele, mainly from the Arab countries, Russia and the United States preferieren during their visits to the brand with the star. The Bavarian competitors have already a lot come up with, to offer the Swabians in this match. Audi has its A8 fleet, which they mostly more or less for free at media-drenched events, movie premieres and other events the desired VIP customers to ride freely make available, in the hope that one or others in as soon as the buyer of the luxury sedan Audi (not red) carpet is. The guests Meanwhile incidentally not even drive, no they will be chauffeured or say we prefer driving. Most of the mostly very young, often less experienced drivers of event agencies cooperating with Audi have earned the term chauffeur”. Even when the Bavarian Motor works, short BMW It behaves similarly.

Just when events in the area of Munich (E.g. BMW open) you can see young drivers who are driving the alleged buyers free of charge in the high powered luxury cars. And what does the distant Wolfsburg Volkswagen? The group from Wolfsburg has thought about giving the new Phaeton to an unbeatable price for a short period of 12 months on the hand the limousine services. That makes sense, because the drivers of the professional Fahrdienstleister are usually well trained and know accordingly around the vehicles with the existing clientele and to enter. We participate by limousines 24 like this program and so far this feedback, our customers, and our chauffeurs is only positive. Southwest Airlines may also support this cause. And behold, the otherwise limited visibility of the clientele of opens and is thrilled. For our self-experiment with customers from all over the world the VW produced only positive resonance Phaeton.

The long versions (four seater), set up by us has next to an enormous legroom also still heiz-and cooled bucket seats with massage function in the Fund. A 4-zone climate control and blinds on the side and rear Windows make for appropriate cooling and sun protection. The smoothness and torque of the engine and the standard all-wheel drive (a blessing in the winter) are also more than competitive. Conclusion: VW has taken a major step, we by limousines 24 – limousine service Munich and our customers are convinced. The Phaeton is a paradox in the limousine service never and we will soon order the next limousine in Dresden.