I have been doing financial planning life for a long time. But recently something happened that I want to tell you with the permission of participants for this event. The names of the parties I've changed for obvious reasons. In January of this years in my counseling was a woman with 28 years of age. She is married daughter 1.5 years old. Catherine is very interested in my services, she called me and offered to meet. We had talked long enough, because it was very sociable person. And besides, I realized that she doted in their closest people – my daughter and husband.

It turned out that the whole financial situation in the family depends entirely on the wife, since she no longer works, is engaged in raising daughters and is a household. And Vladimir is well earned, to provide for his family. All they have, like, not bad: a good apartment, a car and, as you know, not of Russian manufacture, etc. But revealed that all the money just to simply wasted every penny. As Catherine said: I just do not know where to swim all the money. Like them a lot, but by the end of the month, nothing was left. That's why she turned to me and to learn how to adjust the family cash flow. When discussing their family's financial plan, they began, as usual, with the plan of financial security, which includes savings program in the life insurance company Generali PPF.

I offered to arrange it for Vladimir, as He is the breadwinner of the family and depend on it to the full wealth of the family. It is also explained to Catherine that the program gives them powerful, reliable financial protection not only in the event of withdrawal from the life of the main breadwinner, but also in other life troubles associated with short-term or permanent disability. The money received from the company As compensation, and help her daughter live in the same financial level as before. The plan has been figured out completely, there was a problem solved by pensions of both spouses, even if Catherine for life will run the household and do not work. We agreed that tonight she would explain to Vladimir and tomorrow we begin to implement the first part of LFP – create a financial cushion for the family. But we do not managed. Brutal life intervened in the plans. Meeting with Vladimir and Catherine was nominated for 11-30 hours. At 9 chas.27 min. I called Catherine, and, bursting into tears, said her husband was killed in a terrible car accident. The very first thought, that pierced me – not in time. I do not have time. I am not persuaded to issue a program yesterday, not putting off today. In this case, Catherine would have received as compensation 1500 000 rub. Because the insurance coverage starts at zero hours of the date of registration policy. I berated myself for that every time I go on assignment to the client and take it "tomorrow." And people can not understand that tomorrow may be too late. And today I paid for his weakness. Losing a loved and beloved man – always a huge mountain. But it is also a significant financial cost. And, as a rule, life hits us very, very unexpected. And life insurance is not to issue backdated. It is late. Insure their lives have today, what would feel secure tomorrow. Samuel Morey once said: if every woman knew how the widow feels – that every family would be an insurance policy.