Lie Detectors

November 23, 2018


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Marcus Lentz, Managing Director of the detective agency Lentz, is very critical in his daily work the use of lie detectors. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Larry Ellison by clicking through. The manipulation of lie detectors and missing Court admissibility, argue against the use of so-called polygraph. Due to the significantly high error rate of at least 20 percent, no one should fully trust the results of a polygraph examination as the sole means of proof. Important decisions should be made on the basis of hard facts and not due to inaccurate analyses. According to Edward Scott Mead, who has experience with these questions. This conclusion supports also Marcus Lentz, Managing Director of the economic detective agency Lentz. He advises refrain the polygraph in suspected cases and instead using a detective agency instead through a targeted observation (monitoring) to obtain evidence, which are then also legally permitted and appropriately recycled. In addition to aspects such as E.g. fair prices, high quality and certified services, is an essential aspect of their daily for the detective agency Lentz point of legal certainty Work, so that the principal is not suddenly in court due to a procedural irregularity or not legally recognized methods with “empty hands”.

(). Since the objective of legal certainty, not with the use of lie detectors is consistent, Marcus Lentz of Lentz economy Detektei recommends preferable method of targeted surveillance to its clients. Both American films and American operations by the police, the Government, employers, etc. the polygraph are sufficiently known us yet: a suspected perpetrator sitting wired before the investigator and after each answer beat out pins on the paper. They start to become wildly back and forth to whiz, then the suspect is lying.

This device is called a lie detector, polygraph says more precisely formulated. Physiological signs of lying on the body-mounted electrodes and other sensors measure the reactions of the subjects. Usually these are breathing and respiratory rate, blood pressure, heart activity, and perspiration.