Learn Keboard Skills Through Sound

November 18, 2015


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METHOD: Learn to play piano or electronic organ HEARD BY THE METHOD OF JUAN CARLOS VELEZ teacher, provides the opportunity to learn in a short time to play piano, keyboard, etc. VIEW SCORES WITHOUT USING WEB: LEARN TO PLAY PIANO BY ELECTRONIC ORGAN U THE METHOD OF HEARING The METHOD FOR LEARNING TO PLAY PIANO BY EAR ELECTRONIC ORGAN U is a contribution to the whole world, for those wishing to venture into the learning of this extraordinary instrument. Many people want to learn to play this instrument, whether for pleasure, desire, business, labor and even anti-stress therapy you can fulfill the dream of playing piano or organ mail and delight your family, friends or simply work on music. JUAN CARLOS VELEZ The teacher has developed a method of hearing that is very useful especially for people who have “phobia” to the score and are bored by consecutive occurring at conservatories around the world. This method is ideal for learning to play piano or electric organ in a short time, then try and plot the chords of a keyboard to play a song to use staves many people find it complicated. .