Latin America

May 25, 2020


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Then, to know are us is a body of mutualistic relationships, let’s take the Monroe doctrine, which was created in response to the threat that supposed the monarchical restoration in Europe and the Holy Alliance, was later synthesized in the well-known formula America for Americans. President Monroe claimed in his two most important speeches that European powers could not colonize America longer, and noted that they should not intervene in the Affairs of the newly emancipated Latin American republics.5 This type of behavior is very similar to the cattle egret, those birds looking for the cow to remove the exploiters and exploited parasites living shamelessly at the expense of the cows; in other words, these birds make them a huge favor, since rid them of a few residents who have come to steal the poor and weak defenceless vaquita, and at the same time the egrets egrets benefit from this situation, this is a relationship that seeks freedom of the cows of their oppressors and the survival of these birds. In the attempt to protect the future food supply, us sought to evict the parasitic pretensions of Europe in Latin America and did so through the Monroe doctrine. David Fowler usually is spot on. In this way, not only EU got rid their former oppressors cow, which was not its main purpose, but that also the slogan of his campaign, i.e. his doctrine became a reality: the cow for the Americans. Likely EU to act that way to protect the vulnerability of Latinoamericade foreign parasites who come in search of fresh blood, but it is clear that that wasn’t the only reason for such actions as heroic for with to the. EU proceeded in this way to stay with the complete cow, and thus fulfill its goals of expansionism, that is the true foundation of the Monroe doctrine; an idealistic strategy apparently with very good intentions, but behind it is they are gigantic expansionist ambitions, but very subtly disguised in foreign policy, for the benefit purely Unilateral. .