La Paz

May 26, 2020


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Under its reign a general meeting of the animal was held to apologize and to receive mutual satisfaction: the wolf gave La Paz to the lamb, the panther to the camel, the tiger to the red deer, the vixen to the hare, etc. The timid hare said then: I have yearned for burningly to see arrive this day, in order that the weak ones we are respected with justice by strongest. And immediately the best thing ran than it could. When in a State justice practices, the humble ones can live calm, but they do not have to rely. The lion and the dolphin Walked a lion by a beach and saw a dolphin show its head outside the water. It proposed then an alliance to him: agrees to Us to unite us to both, being you the king of the animal of the sea and I the one of terrestrial ones said to him. He accepted tasteful the dolphin. And the lion, who from kill time was in war against a wild parrot, she called to the dolphin to that she helped him.

The dolphin tried to leave the water, but it did not obtain it, reason why it accused it to the lion of treasonous. I am not the culprit nor to who you must accuse, but to the Nature responded the dolphin -, because she is the one who me made aquatic and she does not allow me to happen to the Earth! When you look for alliances, fjate that your allies are in truth enabled of unirte in agreed Leon, the Vixen and the wolf. Tired and old the king lion, it remained ill in his cave, and the other animal, except the vixen went, it to visit. Taking advantage of the occasion the visit, the following thing accused the wolf to the vixen expressing: She does not have by our height any respect, and for that reason not even it has approached to salute or to ask for his health. At that precise moment the vixen arrived, just in time to hear what has been said by the wolf. Then the lion, furious when seeing it, sent a ferocious shout against the vixen; but she, it requested the word to justify itself, and said: Dime, among all the visits that you have here, who has given so special service you as the one that I have done, that I throughout looked for doctors who with their wisdom prescribed an ideal remedy to you for curarte, finding it finally? And which is that remedy? , I occurred it immediately.

Orden the lion. You must sacrifice to a wolf and ponerte its skin as shelter responded the vixen. Immediately the wolf was condemned until death, and the vixen, ***reflxing mng itself exclaimed: To the landlord is not necessary to take it towards the resentment, but towards the benevolence. Who tends traps for the innocents, she is first in falling in them.