Kuno Kurtz

January 11, 2018


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While the strategy may be explicitly formulated or but implicitly as a basis of economic action. Quickly and with little effort, you can see through the quick-check, where priorities are set or on which rail operations is increasingly going: transaction driven, energetic, more online instead of offline or both? In collaboration or as an innovator and satellite? As a national or international service providers, specialist, universalist or Vertikalist? As better copier or a competitive of bidding innovator? The quick-check seeks to make transparent the filialsystemeigenen possibilities and to stimulate the economic implementation. Thus it ensures that both the opportunities and the risks are clear, the own performance is considered where functional and quantitative. In concrete terms, this means that opportunities for growth and their financial sustainability in the quick check connected be to deliver as decision-making in the increasingly complex branch of business. So that the views of the Filialunternehmens prosperity is directed: sales / turnover, it is important to increase the rate of return to earn a lot. The rear services of the overhead so, so that the use of resources based on sales / turnover has high productivity. The companies owners / financiers reach adequate cash flow, a high financial security and return on equity.

The chain service quick check (www.filialisten-quick-check.info) is a practical decision support, you can try out and develop together with the authors. Educate yourself with thoughts from Facebook. He expanded constantly. Fed with data he demonstrates the dynamic interactions between the main drivers of the Filialsystementwicklung, their financial viability and the efficiency of the system. A tool available that fit makes is thus strategically trading chains and is suitable for cross-practice, differentiated and especially forward-looking decisions. To use the quick check permanently, he is an integral part of the management of companies. Then there are creative, innovative and effectively realized potential. Kuno Kurtz