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April 15, 2018


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Hall, reported CEO of almato GmbH. these growing demands, but can only be fulfilled if efficient systems are used to measure the quality of service and the coaching of staff. With Click2Coach RWE Kundenservice GmbH decided for a solution, which allows that the company and its service providers.” After the successful pilot phase in productive operation, RWE Kundenservice GmbH now gradually introduces the quality monitoring solution of almato GmbH with their service providers. With the system the quality analysis of customer contacts in addition to phone calls can include also such as eMails and the processing of letters. From the measurements, the quality assurance team of RWE customer service GmbH its service providers to the Available is, can there targeted measures be taken, which may include individual feedback as well as improved information processing for all employees. Because in addition to the conversation, also the action on the screen is recorded it is possible to detect deficiencies in the operation of the systems. In addition the results in a database are stored, centrally evaluated and flow into the quality KPIs of teams or the entire contact center with a. The modular design of the solution and the possibility to use Click2Coach for all locations were other factors that tipped the scales for us. “The software is for team leaders, contact Center Manager, and ultimately for us as customers, the contact center service provider easy and intuitive to use”, Jochen Lemper reported. All parties will also benefit from the effective type of quality assurance and evaluation team leaders receive detailed information about the work of their employees unless the contact center increase your Efficiency and we can as contracting authority ensure that service providers will always offer our customers service quality.”