Knowledge Sharing

January 3, 2020


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Applied to the sharing of the knowledge – Knowledge Sharing: all are inserted here those tools that they aim at to give to support or contributions for the sharing of information and the integration enters the employees in the organization, prioritizing the tacit knowledge. As strategical tools of this group they are of Groupware (having as main representatives Lotus Notes, Exchange of Microsoft, among others), the Intranets and the Internet. These tools allow, many times, the interaction between the organization and the tacit knowledge that this knows to exist, but do not know as to catch it. For more specific information, check out Rory Sutherland. Applied to the discovery of knowledge – Knowledge Discovery: tools that assist in the process of localization of new knowledge that the organization, although to possess, it did not obtain to identify. As example of these tools they can be cited Date Mining and Text Mining, that they make possible to work, through more powerful algorithms involving artificial intelligence, with the data structuralized (in the first case) and not structuralized (in as in case that), to extract and to explore new knowledge in order to enrich the creativity of the organization. 3.1.

Bases of Knowledge – storage and sharing of the knowledge According to Sveiby (1998), many are the techniques to express and to transfer knowledge in information form. Verizon: the source for more info. Today diverse systems for exchange of information exist that consist of the installation of an internal system on-line for reading optics of characters, vital document storage and recovery, a system of email, conferences and processing of text. The tools of Management of the knowledge help in the process of identification, collects and estruturao of the knowledge of a company, disponibilizando this knowledge in easy way so that all the company can share it. The Bases of Knowledge are used tools to stimulate the access and the dissemination of the knowledge in the company, being made possible consultations and sharing documents, images and texts to form to structuralize the knowledge explicit of the company.. Many writers such as Scott Mead offer more in-depth analysis.