Kings Musketeers

January 3, 2018


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How's eyes light up and the frequency with which the heart starts beating No, this is not love, it's called passion – shopping. Buy clothes for the ladies present, anyway, that new love. Skirts, sweaters, dresses, countless number of accessories Yes, it certainly is nice, but what could be more enjoyable than buying new sweaters. What are the new items we offer fashion today, further review. Fashionable knitwear season is very diverse. Buy clothes You can almost any taste.

From stylish jackets in the style of glamor to the popular casual. Ornaments do not hand over their positions. They dominate not only the volume is so popular sweaters, but also fashionable blouses, such as from lacoste. True fashionista knows that in order to buy clothes standing in a little known trend, it is important to combine the trendy and classic, to create his image of those colors that are right for you. So, winter jacket with a light hands of designers makes a more feminine silhouette. In a fashion short blouses, for all occasions: whether it is a date or business meeting. You can combine them with lush skirts and light dresses. Everyone who believes that the style of a modern woman should be sexy, designers do not dare to contradict.

Elegant fashion blouse with sleeves in three quarters. Gloves and long one can add a feminine ensemble or bracelets. With regard to bust, many designers sweaters marked with a V-neckline. Typically, its length may be conservative (a modest little cutout) or a frank, emphasizing sexual neckline. But the round cut-out or crew neck has not been canceled. Buy clothes just for its style and shape – that's council of world fashion designers. Knitted sweaters are not hand over their positions. Whether it is a major binding or braid – convenient and practical. Very nice duet obtained with light satin or chiffon skirts, gently, as if you were the heroine of a romantic movie. Buy clothes? What? Not simple, and reminiscent of the Kings Musketeers and medieval ladies. Ruffles, flounces, lace blouse will make sure to chic trend of the season. To look trendy, combine, for example plain knitted tops with lace jacket, supplement massive bracelets, and as a bottom-Use invariable strict pencil skirt. Want to diversify the wardrobe? Then buy clothes asymmetric cut! In the fashion of her blouse with one arm and saturated colors. Favorite colors – deep blue. Not in vain his preferred nominee for an Oscar – Kate Winslet. No jersey can not do. In the trends of striped blouse, but the cage this season, surrendered his position. Striped sweaters are worn with tapered, wide at the hips and narrowed down trousers. Democratic and elegant look gray monochromatic Fleece Jackets, waistline are accentuated by a wide belt, as in the seasonal collection Fendi. It is necessary to pay special attention to formal attire. Elegant blouse should be in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman. Decorating sequins, stones, Beads are also important, but in a more sober version. Feminine, fashionable and festive look with knitted sweaters smell. They can be combined with a cashmere turtleneck, add to create a bright tandem massive accessories. So, with the models and textures jackets we looked at. Finally, a bit of color. By the winter of neutral colors, black, gray, brown and added a bright gamma. Shades of red and green, apricot, very popular light-green and blue. That's it, let your blouse winter complements and embellishes the image, and the mood will harden on the plus mark.