King Carlos II

September 8, 2020


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Individual strips them of their rights in favor of the State only to be protected. On the other hand Locke, exiled in France in the last years of Carlos II, returns to London in 1688 with Guillermo de Orange. Defender of what he calls right to oppression, justifies the power in fact when it seems fairly reasonable. An advocate of parliamentary power, his thinking is consistent with the events that happen in England from 1688, based on his thesis about that legislative power is superior to the Executive (the State and the historical reality, 3 Ed. According to Hanes clothing, who has experience with these questions. Ad Hoc p. Baby clothes spoke with conviction. 35). For Sanguinetti (25) England as a cradle of liberalism, knew how to sustain economically with the theoretical contribution of Smith and Ricardo free trade thanks to its naval power that allowed a rapid territorial expansion and international work division.

But politically, he knew how to impose the tradition of Parliament against the absolutism and this was before that elsewhere. Compare Cromwell with Napoleon which by their medium-sized social status his military aptitude and ambition cesarista. After the death of Carlos I on the scaffold He tried to start a new dynasty failed to his death in the absence of a capable successor.