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March 9, 2018


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Social networks, free Werbeplatform for your company on the Internet? Networks refers to social media such as Facebook, XING, and also Twitter, while our focus is on the latter Twitter more and more German companies are recognizing potential in the news portal (social networks) Twitter is hidden under other advertising to zero cost! Post companies, firms and commercial interesting and also less interesting couplet messages from various fields and reference it via a link on one or on your Web site where this issue is discussed in more detail. A large number of messages are only out dense, to draw attention to itself or its range of offers. Where does that come from? What is now commonplace in the United States, is now also in Germany understood and addressed. Is the Twitter principle quite simple and understandable for everyone? You follow me, I will follow you – and thus, the company increases its reputation and the possibilities of spreading of own Messages, including advertising. No matter what industry a company is on Twitter 75 million registered users worldwide can be reached by its ca. an environment that can be surpassed only by television media. How the TV media also can rely on Twitter for a company or product are recruited, but free. To do this it is necessary to so many followers how to win as possible for his profile. Gain insight and clarity with Pete Cashmore.

More chasing a profile (company) has the more profiles are accessed through the couplet messages and the stronger the profile (company) on themselves or their product draws attention. To increase the level of awareness of a profile on Twitter, the Jacob Internet advertising agency with the associated Internet portal escort-360 impressively shows us. At just under 4000 Tracker, which means that a written message appears on 4000 profile pages that partly read. Now, on these 4000 profile pages, visitors who have this message also, cavort in turn it is clear quickly what potential hides in Twitter and the completely free of charge. For companies with a limited advertising budget, this is an explicit way to operate image care and to win new customers, without having to invest equal sums of money to another. Facebook and XING have recognised this potential a long time ago and it is therefore not surprising that on these portals advertising must be paid for. Twitter is the newcomer in the social networks, and it is only a matter of time until there the advertising messages are subject to a charge. It would be also atypical, because what is there today still free?