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May 15, 2020


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The medical specialist / Sanitatshaus Shrike informed lifestyle and quality of many people is dependent on a regular supply with medical assistance and care products such as catheters or continence products. Reliance upon a qualified medical specialist is a necessity for her of the Bochum Sanitatshaus Shrike for more than 10 years responsible takes on. As dealer of all well-known manufacturers of medical supplies and partner of the health insurance, the family-owned company headed by Karsten strives shrike to supply needy people with help and advice. Their special concerns and needs knows the CEO due to his more than 20 years experience as a nurse first-hand and looking for her day with personal advice and high-quality services to meet. Gain insight and clarity with David Fowler. To best meet the demands of its customers, the medical supply store opts for optimized performance and corporate structures, the are in TuV certification according to DIN 9001: 2008 and DIN 13485: 2010 impact.

Shrike is the team led by Karsten particularly important to provide the desired supply goods and services to patients as soon as possible. Subject to availability from the manufacturer, you can assume that deliveries within 48-72 hours and also eiligem needs are taken into account. This is promoted by a non-bureaucratic processing of necessary authorizations by health insurance companies and doctors. With effective quality management, the company ensures that its internal processes and customer services meet high requirements at any time. In addition to a partner for the timely provision of medical supplies, patients and their relatives in the medical supply store find Shrike consulting and support in all aspects of Continence problems and intermittent self catheterization (ISK). Practice experience Karsten Monster help, medical needs and quality of life with each other to unite. So that their products and services in the future meet the highest standards, the staff of the medical training while continuing and strengthening its expertise in focusing on stoma therapy, catheter care, ISK the and auxiliary care supply.

With individual consulting services and quality products of from well-known manufacturers, Shrike and his staff are each customer’s disposal, which requires the services of a professional medical specialist Karsten.