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July 13, 2016


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10 Ideas to promote websites G * R * A * T * I * S promotion and positioning of web sites, when it comes, will find multiple options. The vast majority are payment options, but attentive to the reality of new entrepreneurs in the online business, you must consider that their budgets are at best meager, when non-existent cases. Well, in this article, I wish to express some advices of promoting and positioning whose economic cost is zero. But not to believe that it’s free. Internet, that is not invested in cash and cash, invest in effort and hours of work. Us from our newsletter training in network, train free of charge to new entrepreneurs of Internet business and provide constant advice and support our sponsored. This reason, drives us to provide these 10 simple ideas for the promotion of websites, that not a penny should invest.

There are millions and millions of web sites trying to be listed in the top 20 positions in major search engines. This It implies the existence of a lot of competition for those first precious posts. Then if you can’t get directly one of those first jobs, using the keywords you want to, you can now get it indirectly how is this done? Pay special attention in the 20 top websites indexed in major search engines, look at the keywords that you’ve analyzed and assessed how interesting for your business. Once you’ve done this, the key is to advertise on those sites. But advertise on those sites, it can be quite expensive, and indeed it is, but if you are just starting, probably don’t have a budget to pay for an ad, as an alternative, you could try some of the following proposals 1.-If the site has a Forum participates in the. You will have to ask questions and also answer questions that other people have put, entering some of the conversations published there or start any conversation yourself.