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May 17, 2019


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Anonymous and invisible action on the Web: IT security specialist provides protection against online searches Munich, January 24, 2008 since the adoption of the law on the monitoring of telecommunications and data retention many citizens fear announced logging of its entire digital communications on the Internet. \”Who before Big Brother\” protect and want to preserve his privacy, for which the manufacturer SecurStar offers an effective solution. The IT security specialist offers the software SurfSolo anonymous surfing on the Internet. This ensures anonymity on the Web without having the user cannot be identified or spied out. Online opponents warn that the right of citizens to privacy and anonymity on the Internet is heavily curtailed by the online searches in favor of the perceived safety. To counteract the SurfSolo, the user guarantees an invisible action in the Web. The glass surfer builds a connection to access the Internet, the user to his Internet Service provider (ISP) to, where he is registered with his user data, and receives an IP address. The ISP stores information about all of the pages that are visited by this IP from, as well as all files that have been downloaded.

Matching by means of addresses and makes user data is finally every activity the respective PC whose real location mapping and even months later. The current enactment provides a data storage for six months. SurfSolo modifies the IP-address of the user or this gets assigned to another, that is not traceable to the user. Someone who tries to locate the user, he is rather than for example in Germany, now in Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, of Switzerland, the United States or elsewhere, where a SecurStar server is seeking unsuccessfully. SurfSolo acts like a secure VPN (virtual private network) and is specially designed for home users. The system is easy to use and works in the background.