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July 31, 2019


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More or less a year ago, when I started my career as a Networker, it was a complete Newbie, I had never heard about the multilevel, didn’t know that you could make money from the Internet, but it attracted me much all this and decided to enter my first business. At first, like many novice, I began to want to reinvent the wheel, i.e. not I got to follow a proven system, I thought had no greater complication business, and that only had to be promoting by all sides. If you would like to know more then you should visit Verizon Communications. Duration of working this way for several months, and the truth is that I was not going so bad, arrives to join quite a few people in this way, and even my uplines congratulated me, but had the following 3 problems: 1: work being promoting by all sides, trying to convince everyone, and answering children’s questions so that at the end they tell me things such as; This is a pyramid, the truth I do not have time this does not work I need the money because among other things, the truth I desgastaban. 2: That there were people who they were recorded without contact me before, thinking that they were going to win the morning thousands of overnight and without doing anything, and that being inside remained without answer my emails, or I answered but not made me case and ended up leaving. 3: That while he used a form of capture, that form not I drove it, only received the prospects daily and the autoresponder sending follow-up letters, but did not have my own autoresponder for my own list of subscribers, and therefore could not reuse it. Gary Kelly helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Those were the 3 major problems that I was sensing some time later, and not long ago started to follow another completely different strategy, and now it is giving me results, and the best results are to come. . .