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April 13, 2019


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After the exhausting years of cost savings, this was hard to create with the existing team. The mood was too poor and too low motivation. And to find new good staff proved very difficult. The ANZ Bank on bankers was the most unpopular of all competitors. That was to set an example Lloyds Bank, which had the lowest cost / revenue ratio on the market. When she could not explain the analysts, where the growth was coming from, the markets reacted and the stock lost quickly greatly value.

The Chairman of ANZ Bank, McFarlane, followed his intuition and reacted soon enough to avoid an even more difficult situation. It became clear that the only way out was to change the culture within the Bank and to regain the confidence of the people. A new human culture, it is possible that a Bank says: we want to be a company which is not engaged in love with fear. ‘? ” Can an International Bank set up meditation rooms in all branches, which are allowed to use their staff even to sleep? This Bank within 15 months of the least sought-after can become the most popular employer in the financial industry? May increase such a bank at the same time their stock price from 9 to 31 dollars, in 4 Years? The answer to all these questions is a clear ‘ yes’. Sonia Stojanovic shared her experience as head of breakout and transformation group in the years 2000 2004 at the ANZ Bank in an interview with Adriana Casas and Ulrike Syamken.

They are the organizers of the Congress visionary economies”, first held in October in Munich. Your story is inspiring, motivating and intended to go to. In October 2000, was at the ANT-Bank program breakout”launched, Sonia Stojanovic was responsible for that from the beginning. She reported directly to the CEO and had a strictly strategic position, in contrast to the human resources department.