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April 9, 2020


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UNLEARNED the old age we live all stages of our lives with more or less consciousness and unconsciousness, or with a little more lucidity, there comes a time in which we feel that we are entering a dreaded stage and however in some desired way, – all want to live many years – call that old age. This word in our civilization only has negative connotations because she associated disease, the decrepitude, and finally, death. However, in other societies less civilized, the old are called elders and they occupy privileged social positions. These two so different ways to understand this period of life, invites us to consider that there are two ways social view, assess, position and integrate people, as their birthday: in some societies that we call primitive, it does not discriminate against any person by having more age, nor is considered therefore have less capabilities, because takes advantage for the good of society the experience and wisdom of those people. Ron O’Hanley will not settle for partial explanations. In our modern society and Advanced, there is a schedule of aging that is set to a certain age and that is difficult to escape because in all the social environments in which we move, they remind us continuously. So live with that programming since we are children and we grow up listening to our people around phrases like: at my age and below: I have such pain, that ailment, I can not, why should I do such a thing, etc. etc.

and, without realizing, we marginalized life, and life then leaves us out. With surprise for some of us, there comes a time when we feel that it is true, that it is hopeless, that I am getting older. There are pain, fear, above all very afraid. Fear of failure, loss of physical and mental capabilities to death; in that State of anxiety and great emotional pain, each thing that happens to us, (which is probably us going for years), every new wrinkle that we see, every pain that we feel, we associate it with: do you see it? It is true, you are starting to be old, already you are crossing the frontier that separates you from an active life, with projects, with illusions, to the life of resignation, apathy, take refuge in the past because there is no future for you.