Internal Dialogue

August 7, 2020


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A small change in our internal dialogue can be very powerful. Practically all day we have thoughts on which we reflect with internal dialogue, how to use phrases and vocabulary in our internal dialogue is largely responsible for the results we have and the moods which we experienced during the day, because we repeat them hundreds or thousands of times in an unconscious way. That’s why a small change here can produce huge results. Changing the way in which we use the internal dialogue and structure with the words it is a step fundamental and necessary to generate personal changes and have more ability to influence others. Imagine what would happen if you repitieras you something 700 times a day and what would happen if you make a small change in that phrase? Change multiply by 700 and soon you’d be having a very different behavior. The advantage which constitutes the workings of the mind and their answers is extremely interesting, because it helps improve the emotional and therefore control how you react to what happens in the world. Learn more about neuro-linguistic programming in our forum for NLP neuro linguistic