November 10, 2019


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In the system of sale of timber and related products, there are several groups. First, it is of course directly to producers and consumers. Others including Ripple, offer their opinions as well. Second – is speculators and middlemen. Dealers engaged in buying lumber from the subsequent sale of its consumers. They can sell it to foreign companies engaged in wholesale or retail markets. Speculators are mostly concentrated in regional centers and port cities. Mediators, most often found in those places where timber, and resell it or consumers, or resellers. If you’re reading this article, you probably already wandered in the vast Internet for all possible forest forums, revered as there is negativity and blame. Most likely, you will not even notice that there is no records of this kind, “We, a large furniture factory, located in such a city, address and phone number so then announce that lesopredpriyatie is what the director personally and Doe are Kidal. We are divorced for many then we have wronged.

“And from vendors such post. A message usually sound like Alexander, guest said. That such and such, from such a small town crook and threw. No address, no telephone when he leaves. And now let us ask ourselves, why? Yes, everything is very simple. Largest direct consumer knows How much is normal and good wood, well aware that good wood is expensive and makes an order for a large, reliable company. Yes, it is expensive, yes, it has its own payment system, which is useless to argue. I know several of these companies, so consumers of distilled 100% payment for the year ahead, and then, according to the agreed schedule, get their timber As a result, some want them to get wood, and the second oborotku.