Insurance Law: Clauses In Life Insurance Contracts Partially Ineffective

April 3, 2018


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The Supreme Court has ruled that a contract clause is invalid after the acquisition costs already with the first contributions charged to. In addition, be ineffective clauses, which differentiate not sufficiently clearly between a premature termination of the contract after the surrender value and the so-called cancellation deduction. Furthermore, provisions are ineffective, which stipulate that after all deductions remaining amounts under 10 are not reimbursed the policyholder (BGH, judgment v. 25.7.2012 – IV ZR 201/10). Insurance contracts already exist the IGVA, mediated by the Raiffeisenbank Rodenbach. These contracts are currently reviewed. If the premature termination of a contract has occurred and that high cancellation fees claimed, these fees are possibly ineffective and therefore back to reimburse. Further examination and negotiations with the affected institutions currently takes place. If you have life insurance contracts or other savings, that you prematurely sedated or terminated a review of these documents, particularly in view of the latest judgment of the Federal Court would be potentially useful. To do this, we are at any time for an examination of the documents, or for further questions.