Installation Conditioners

September 14, 2020


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easy care – condensate pan is easily removed for cleaning without removing the unit from the wall. Condensate is possible from either side. Long-term air filter is removed in one motion. The new models filter is applied with an increased service intervals. It is three times more durable than the existing ones. Optional filter available for air conditioners with a fine air. Stylish design – Very many people think Conditioning General Fujitsu most beautiful representatives of the family of the Japanese air conditioners.

Because the air intake grille on the top block is not visible, air conditioning has a beautiful appearance. Official site: Anthropologie. 'Slim' block design requires less space for installation and includes a variety of mounting options for each room. Colour coded indicator on the central display allows you to visually monitor the operation wall-mounted air conditioner. low noise – The suppression of turbulence due to the presence of vertical grooves on both horizontal and vertical blinds, reduces annoying noise. The function allows silent operation reduce noise up to 34dB in cooling to -30 dB in the heating mode. Ease of installation – Installation of indoor units wall and ceiling air conditioners does not differ from the installation of conventional wall-mounted models. High efficiency – High power and high efficiency achieved through the use of new motor dc fan.

Application of the upper intake increases airflow and reduces its resistance. Wide-open throttle pass more air, which increases the efficiency of heat transfer, power and work efficiency. When you turn the air conditioner heat room air from 7 to 20 C by only 7 minutes.