Innovative Management Consulting In The Rhine-main Area Established In

April 18, 2018


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Excellence increase the value added of Ingelheim the September 20, 2010 – 2010 was from an idea at the beginning of the year in the following months by the shareholders of Dipl.-ing. Thomas Habermann, Dipl.-ing. Rudiger Becker and Tim throne developed the concept of a new consulting firm devised and so quickly that end of may the excellence society for value creation mbH “officially took up their business.” Using the methods that are applied subsequently in the customer, could be sharpened in a short time the company profile and business plans and strategies developed. Thus succeeded to attract renowned companies as clients in the market despite the low time and to unwind first projects successfully. Decisive for this success are the sovereign mastery of methods and tools to increase the value-added and innovation of companies combined with long-term management and leadership experience of the founder of the company. This excellence offers expertise in the holistic as essential advantage and orchestral control of different skills that are necessary for a successful business venture, as well as the sustainability of implemented improvement measures.

The website is online since mid-July. The excellence society for value creation mbH “always works according to their motto: innovation promote good – get core competencies still do better”. Shareholder VTU holding GmbH was thrilled the company headquartered in Austria already at first meeting with managing director Thomas Habermann of the business model of excellence. The business model of excellence is ideal tailored holistic and innovative approach to the needs of clients of all industries. In the decades of leadership and management experience of the Managing Director is expressed.” (Dipl.-ing. Wolfram Gstrein MBA, Managing Director of Deutsche VTU GmbH) creates synergies that are of which through the collaboration of excellence and VTU companies from the pharmaceutical and chemical Benefit industry. Henceforth detailed consulting concepts for all technical, organisational areas and the management of a company can be offered.” (Dr. Friedrich FRoSCHL, Managing Director of VTU holding GmbH) More information, see 06132 7358970 or send us an E-Mail