January 11, 2018


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The SignatureHPC program helps us to cover us with InfiniBand solutions to unlock a wider customer potential and foot in the HPC market. Kevin Schlabach, Director partner alliances, APPRO to keep pace with the needs of customers in HPC solutions, we rely on the support of the manufacturer. Classic measures and mechanisms are still required, including training and support services. Without hesitation Gary Kelly explained all about the problem. Right here QLogic starts with the introduction of the first known Channelprogramms, the QLogic SignatureHPC program, and thus creates the necessary global framework for the Distribution of InfiniBand products. Julian Fielden, Managing Director, OCF reseller of data and storage network solutions offers top-notch affiliate programs by manufacturers. Services such as technical training, targeted measures to boost demand, or perhaps most importantly – an excellent post sales support are a must in this context.

Ever better support on the part of the supplier, the more profitable the collaboration. With the SignatureHPC program QLogic that so far has been first company that is a partner in the marketing of InfiniBand solutions to the page is such an offer it simply is not. Jason Beeson, Solutions Sales Director, hammer an important focus of SYNNEX is the care of clients in the HPC market. InfiniBand is now the de-facto solution in the high-performance computing environment, therefore we particularly pleased about the cooperation with QLogic support the SignatureHPC program with full force. Steve Ichinaga, General Manager & Senior Vice President systems integration Division, SYNNEX Corporation quote QLogic Comprehensive QLogics signature sit for storage networking partner is one of the best on the market.

“This proves that by the US Channelmagazin VAR Business” Award awarded recently to us VARBusiness Gold 5-Star Award “. Our present but also new HPC partners can be confident that QLogic offers them as first-class support for sale of InfiniBand network solutions in the SignatureHPC programme. Frank Berry, Vice President of marketing, QLogic Corporation profile QLogic Corporation: QLogic is regarded as a technological innovator and one of the world’s leading suppliers in the high-performance networking market. The options include adapters, switches and ASICs, among others. Leading OEMs and channel partners around the globe rely on the products of the company at their data, storage and server network solutions. The shares of QLogic are on the NASDAQ Global Select market (ticker symbol: QLGC) and listed in the S & P 500 index. More information can be obtained on the Internet at the following Web address:.