Infantile Education

December 1, 2014


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As example, it is possible to cite some Inter-relations of Astronomy with: geography, in its category space; history, in which if it can approach Mythology, the line of time with the great scientists of the humanity and the evolution of the world models; the Mathematics, considering the dimensions and the scales of largenesses, among others. The interactions you discipline between them and the adopted approaches are something to be defined by the teaching team of each pertaining to school unit. It is verified that in Basic Ensino II and Average Ensino it has a bigger difficulty in the work to interdisciplinar, due to the number biggest of professors. However, the reformularization of the resume in Average Ensino in areas of the knowledge is considered important, with the professors of the great area Sciences of the Nature treating one same subject to integrated way, under the optics of different disciplines that they are complemented. As mentioned, it has some courses of formation of professors who involve Astronomy. In this work, the question of the preparation of the professors to approach this disciplines will be examined only in the scope of the course of Pedagogia, emphasizing itself it importance of Astronomy in Infantile Education and Basic I. Formation of the Pedagogo the Pedagogia can be understood while Science theoretician-practical of the Education, that, at the same time where it investigates the teaching formation, problematiza it in the prxis educative. One of the objectives of the Pedagogia is to contribute, by means of knowledge specialized relative to the field of the Education, for the change and the construction of a society where the man has freedom to become fullfilled itself. In fact, to face the challenges that the profession considers, in the formation of the professor one becomes primordial to dominate the methods to approach the contents (Didactic). However, the appropriation of the content on the part of the professor also is basic.