Increase Traffic

March 3, 2016


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Absolutely all websites need to increase traffic, the arrival of visitors and the more the better!.Traffic equals money. It is not always easy to get traffic, you have your process which can be slow, laborious and expensive especially if you opt to get the payment traffic, but as in all things the man always finds ways more accessible to the achievement of its objectives, and here are some ways to get it free, takes his time but you will not regret to do so. 1. Classified ads. Pub tender your web site in the greater amount of websites dedicated to classified ads, there are hundreds of them, it is a matter that you organize and do a directory own them and you go doing your publications. 2. Write articles.

Article marketing involves drafting articles relacionadosdirectamente with the product or service that you provide on your site and publish it in the greater possible amount of articles directories available on the internet, there are dozens of them. The success of this method lies in that these directories allow you to insert links to your web site within the text of the article or a portion thereof, that is called the resource box and this has double benefit since these directories visitors can llegardirectamente through links to your site and at the same time the Directory gives you a link back or back link. 3. Use the force of Social voting sites.