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December 9, 2018


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The danger is conformism. Who lives as no doubt and accept as a given what surrounds him and how much say with respect that surrounds him. Who conforms not philosophy and is afraid intrincar in the darkness of the problems arising because of the questions or inquiries. You could lose the dream and the peacefulness, given that philosophizing is first and foremost an exercise of doubt, and already you can understand that it is more displancentero hesitation that accepting what is agreed is the world and the universe. No longer be deemed to Galileo Galilei, who received his sentence for attacking the great truths Aristotelian: arrested, tried and sentenced to abjure his findings. Methodic doubt is discards its proposal before the deception that both culture (World) as senses induce to error in man. It is the first methodical step to deal with life, the world, the infinity of truths that can hide behind a universe and discover them philosophically. Questioning how much one has taught him and how much has been heard as the first Foundation’s search for the real thing.

Not in any other way it could be prevented against deceptions so ancient and paradigmatic as the Aristotelian. Copernicus and Galilei: go, go, the known world was no longer Centre of nothing! The human senses let be the measure of all things, as they espousing the old schemes. The proposal of looking for the truth in every time and place will be epistemological impediment easy push of life, its everyday life and easy truths, entering our ear and constructed realities. It is called life, sweet and illusory dream, against which prevents Descartes because man does not want to him to awaken. As if I should say that sweet, pleasant and simple is what is known, in contrast to Rocky and intricate that may result consideration or finding of a new reality.

The proposal itself is nothing new, although never developed as a system, as did the philosopher. Old is the idea of forgetting what they have learned to genuinely learn; figuratively backward until the child’s condition to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (give the truth) already recommending it Jesus de Nazareth; and also, at the same time to Descartes, Francis Bacon proposed it when he said that we will not enter into the Kingdom of man of this earth that is science, as we will not enter into the Kingdom of heaven, if we don’t turn to make us children. To broaden your perception, visit Larry Ellison. For a philosopher, asleep on the flow of life is not option life, but non-existent, so the world could be a farce decoration. Its mission is the doubt to detect truths or deceit, and this can include presuppose that his life is a fiction (as did the same Descartes) so as not to be dragged down by the dream of life. _ Rene Descartes: Metaphysical meditations complete meditations of Descartes en linea. Trad. Jose Antonio Miguez. N.D.. -document here too, full, requesting affiliation free material copyrighted:. Query: 17 nov 2010. Oscar j. Camero m: modernity, attitude change and novelty Online. In Blogxistencia, living and thinking about it. N.D.. . Query: 17 nov 2010. M and Nicolaus Copernicus in advance, and his heliocentric theory. Original author and source of the article