Hymn To The Surgeons

August 24, 2020


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I was a happy man who one day lost the joy, between medical examinations, resonances and CT. I was a free man who one day lost that freedom in the Diving Bell of a sudden and terminal diagnosis. I was a hardworking man who one day lost their jobs between hospital hospitalizations and surgeries. I was a surgeon, plump wielding the scalpel one day scalpel plump turned toward me and opened me a gap in the upper quadrant, returned me to life when life was already leaving of my! I was a doctor who one day Cancer his attire snatched! and threw it to a bed as a patient and when I already expected only be buried hands bloody surgeons returned me life and the pristine bata of Galen. For this reason, surgeon. I welcome your Eagle eyes!, and your eyes of Lynx that allow you to view the tortuous intricacies of challenging sowed Anatomy of tumors and ambushes.

I welcome your Lion heart! and your bravery, that makes you strong, front bleeds, adhesions and imponderables. Greeting from your hands on women! that make you smooth, human and generous to the fierce pain. I welcome your bloody hands! that you represent the triumph of surgery. I salute your faith!, because in any nook of the soul, you acrisolas a prayer, which is always needed in this struggle, I welcome your understanding that combines your innate vehemence. I salute your wisdom in the decisions! salute your reflexes speed greeting from your sense of smell to anticipate risks.! I welcome your adrenaline! natural fragrance of your life raises your surgeon scalpel and toast by the! health and life that we return! Greeting from your heroic victories and your anonymous presence in glory! Original author and source of the article