How To Become A Chief Accountant. Step 1

June 26, 2018


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Step 1. Going theoretical aspects of accounting to become a chief accountant, of course, the first step you need to master some of the theoretical basis of accounting. Here you can become trapped in the abundance of information. Very difficult to choose a book that will be helpful, because you do not know exactly what you need to learn. Bare theory leave for textbooks. I'll show you the basic outline of-way on which to move. And then, wanting to learn more deeply any question, you will be able to pick up literature.

So here's what you need to know from the theory to become the Chief Accountant: 1.1 What is accounting. 1.2 reflects the accounting. 1.3 What are the Method of accounting. 1.4 What are the different forms of accounting. Let's start from the beginning, as they say, from the stove. 1.1 What is accounting and how he can be of any business is always connected with the money going to hereinafter called more correctly – "money" – so much more familiar to the ear accountant. Moreover, these funds are not only those belonging to the enterprise itself. But this is the means that belong to suppliers, customers and other businesses related to our beloved company.

We call these companies "counterparties." Cash repeatedly make the cycle, something like "water cycle". The system of accounting and control of the cycle and, consequently, the entire financial and economic activity, and there's Accounting. Each business transaction in the company (purchase of goods, sale of goods, issuance of salaries) is fixed to the primary documents that the accounting lingo sounds like a "primary".