Holiday Defects Ants

May 21, 2019


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Defects or not? The photo agency Combipix is a checklist on hand, so travellers can check your accommodation. Every year the list of deficiencies is long that holidaymakers must experience in the most beautiful days in the year. Just what is the deficiency? This list will help you in particular points to make your accommodation under the magnifying glass. 1 type: country hotel, beach hotel, bungalow, 3 star, 4 star, booked and received? 2. Verizon Communications: the source for more info. object location: directly on the beach, in the heartland, at the airport, booked and received? 3. internal object location: booked on the fifth floor, ground floor with terrace, and receive? 4. room type: single room booked and received? Double room booked and received? Triple room booked and received? Triple rooms in a single room booked and received? Triple room in double room booked and received? Triple rooms in the apartment booked and received? 5. equipment of the rooms / bungalows: floor space of the rooms, apartments, bungalows indicated in square meters and get? Balcony or terrace booked and received? Seaview booked and received? Private bathroom / toilet booked and received? Private shower booked and received? Air conditioning booked and received? Radio and TV get booked? Furniture in the catalog promised and received? Damage, moisture, mildew in the room / apartment? Vermin in the room / apartment? 6. failure of supply units: toilet failed / defective? How long? How many days? Bath / hot water heater failed / defective? How long? How many days? Power failure / gas failure? How long? How many days? Pipe water supply failed? How long? How many days? Air conditioning failed? How long? How often? How many days? Elevator down? How long? How many days? 7 failed service: complete loss of housekeeping, reception, restaurant,? How many days? bad cleaning of the rooms, hotel complex? How many days? insufficient linen of bed linen, towels? How many days? 8 interference: Noise on the day (construction, airport, port, u0085)? How many hours? How many days? Noise at night (Airport)? Time (from / to)? Odors (unpleasant persistent stink!)? How many days? 9 absence of promised service areas: swimming pool not in function? Much smaller than advertised? Sauna not in function? Are massages (when announced) not granted? Michael Wnuk