High End Solution

June 10, 2019


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High end solution Asfalis works fully automated in the background of Suhl, September 22, 2008 – the CAD systems integrator CAMTEX Elysium offers a command line-based high end conversion solution of the Software House as the sole distributor in Germany with Asfalis. It has its area of application, in particular in production or supply company with high conversion requirements and regular large amounts of data. Asfalis works fully automatically in the background without manual intervention and can be configured according to individual requirements. All information can be found using this solution, which in the course of the entire process chain from design about the development and construction used to production are, in Elysium neutral ENF format and further used. The 3D-Datenaustausch between companies on the basis of a flexible, scalable, and secure conversion technology, as well as the PDQ data quality management is one of the central features of the solution on the one hand. On the other hand, it offers an automated data processing for various processes. This ensure an effective use of 3D notes, PMI, and attributes.

But also the process preparation, data repair, automatic collision check, and more will be much easier. In addition, the Asfalis solution shows its strengths also with regard to the safety of the product data and archiving: you is independent of CAD and a convenient access control is also their versions for the data distribution. Because the archiving is done in a CAD independent ENF format and if necessary an archived ENF in the latest CAD version can be migrated. Thus, the user receives a high investment security because independently to write your own applications even after years of Asfalis”, so the CAMTEX Managing Director Steffen Volkmar. The product consists of a series of modules. These include: interfaces, PMI and annotation attributes mapping option, attribute Editor, geometry simplification, PDQ, Assembly Editor, collision test, and ASFALIS Viewer. Asfalis provides with “his technical concept almost one modular system for complex conversion requirements dar, from either by the company itself or by us according to the specific needs of the solution will be designed”, Volkmar explains. She can make centrally available and integrated into other applications. Asfalis is used already, for example, in international companies such as Toyota, Nissan, Canon, and Rheinmetall.