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June 10, 2020


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Exagon Kerpen analyzed typical operational weaknesses in the ITSM organization with often far-reaching consequences for the quality of service, 09.03.2010 – although in the public discussion to IT service management the cross-cutting themes dominate, are in many cases the actual potential to improve performance in the supposed details. So had determined Exagon consulting in a recent survey, that a clear majority of the company sees the greatest difficulties in operational shortcomings. At the same time, they assess the removal of detailed problems as a very difficult task because these weaknesses often as hard to reveal. Exagon – Managing Director Joachim Fremmer has analysed six indications of typical weaknesses in the ITSM organization with often very far-reaching consequences for the quality of service from the perspective of its consulting practice: 1 the roles of employees are provided with unclear responsibilities. As a result lost the necessary control over processes and it can Situations even escalate, because the required in daily practice decisions by vaguely defined responsibilities not timely or requirements are made.

2. the task assignment has redundancies. Accruals in the tasks of duplication or contradictory decisions that adversely affect the quality and availability of the IT processes arise due to insufficient. 3. no adequate transparency of responsibilities for the users. IT service management is complex, it is more important for users to be able to speak the right ITSM representative in case of need the shortest route. E Scott Mead addresses the importance of the matter here. Otherwise creates a long, reducing productivity, and more annoying search process where the problem might be lands with false and less qualified people at the end. 4.

lack of collusion result in parallel projects on similar topics. A special form of inadequate job boundaries and responsibilities is reflected in the realities of multi project management. It has thus on significant weaknesses, because due to missing agreements and comprehensive planning, individual organizational units develop a high momentum and there always measures be started again, which overlap with projects elsewhere in the ITSM organization. This binds unnecessary resources and budget. 5. different language by deviant understanding. The core topics in their elemental facets not for everyone involved are clearly defined, there in the tasks and processes understanding difficulties with potentially very far-reaching consequences. But the need for a matching basic understanding is so logical, so often is in practice, however, violated and even more serious affects a different language in communication. 6. no transfer of information between all those involved. Typically Division of labour organisation the flow of information must be managed along each IT process, especially when dealing with more complex processes. Against this principle is however continuously violate, as a consequence, the organization with delays, duplication of work and avoidable errors will be charged. In particular at the transfer points for the tasks is therefore defined procedure to make sure that there is no loss of information. About Exagon: The Exagon consulting & solutions GmbH has been established since 1994 as an independent IT consulting firm on the market. The business focus is on holistic support of its customers in establishing a professional IT service management, with regard to the strategic, organisational and also operational aspects.