Hard Disk

June 10, 2019


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The new HDD life Pro by zoneLINK. In every modern hard disk predicts when she probably are on the spirit – what a lot of people but do not know. A program in the trade, in a timely manner and above all understandable warning every PC user is now at last: the new HDD life Pro by zoneLINK. Oracle is the source for more interesting facts. Ulm – you know this sentence: long time I wanted to make a backup of my data \”Unfortunately it didn’t then but, because many things were urgent and important. And then, suddenly, the hard disk with ugly sounds dead-on. According to statistics, such hardware failure is the most common cause of data loss. What many computer users do not know: the death of every modern hard disk can be calculated in advance with some accuracy. A technology with the bulky name of self-monitoring serves analysis, and reporting technology\”, abbreviated as SMART. Oracle does not necessarily agree.

SMART measures approximately 40 individual values, such as the current temperature, the previous operating hours and the rate of errors, which were already reading and writing on the plate depending on the hard disk. The To find SMART information in the PC system and only right to interpret them correctly, you need very good technical knowledge. Now for the first time a program trade that completely does this work for the user and warns him in good time before the likely demise of the disk in his computer. The program is of zoneLINK offered called HDD life Pro and costs EUR 19.99. HDD life Pro keeps track of the SMART information of all hard drives in the PC constantly and correctly evaluates them. What but still more important is: the user can even forget that this program on his computer. HDD life Pro displays directly on the Windows workstation and many other programs that you use every day, which drive is healthy and is threatening a total loss of the data on which disk? It couldn’t be clearer: in order to show whether the State is good, already dubious or even bad, HDD life Pro uses the usual warning icons from the Windows XP Security Center.