Hanseatic City

July 25, 2020


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iSM leads bi-a cube SSO Hapag-Lloyd AG In October 2011 the world’s leading company of Hanseatic tradition, line shipping company Hapag-Lloyd AG, opted for the introduction of a new software solution from the Hanseatic City of Rostock. With the bi-cube SSO of the company iSM Institute for System-Management GmbH to group-wide the registration procedure be secured. This enables a more efficient work of around 7,000 employees of the logistics company. In the philosophy of Hapag-Lloyd AG theme is security important, which is reflected also in the IT infrastructure. So that a high level of security in the transport and logistics can be given, the Hamburg-based shipping company with many international security initiatives. With a single sign-on (SSO) solution can Logon-On simply, securely and transparently managed data of employees in the administration area.

Password rules and policies are centrally controlled and thus consistently implemented. Ease of use and a user friendly Surface should enable an individual self-government of his passwords in the future every employee. The type of authentication to the applications can be defined here individually. Includes for example the login password, taking advantage of the fingerprint, smart card, or the use of a token. These options can also be combined for a secure (dual) authentication to sensitive applications.

If the employee forgets the password, there are different ways to request a replacement. The Institute for System-Management GmbH offers various ways to reset forgotten passwords. Currently, the software development company provides now the password request via SMS. With the mentioned processes, the SSO promises greater user convenience and time savings for the user himself. The Automation also relieves the administrators because fewer password reset requests arrive. These processes allow efficient work of the staff and a higher level of security in the Companies. The Hamburg line shipping company decided to the implementation of the project for the Rostock company. In the conceptual phase, the Institut fur System-Management GmbH could prove that it meets the key requirements of a SSO solution in Hapag-Lloyd AG with the standard functions to a large extent. In addition, the iSM can respond flexibly to special customer wishes and ideas within the standard solution. The many years of experience in the IT business and reputable references have contributed to the decision of the logistics company. After the pilot was completed in the spring of 2011 at Hapag-Lloyd AG, the productive system is the bi-cube SSO installed at the end of the first quarter 2012. The iSM is very happy about the new customers – especially since already Hapag-Lloyd Cruises a user of the bi-cube is software.