Hamburg Bank

February 5, 2018


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When and to what extent the crisis will become apparent, is currently across all industries uncertain. The newspaper reported this the world”in its Internet Edition. Only thing that seems certain is that the consequences also in the Hanseatic City are felt in a further deterioration in the economy, Bank lending restrictions and declining dollar rate. If the dollar exchange rate as a result of the US government deficit keeps falling, costs, that settle in dollar disadvantage for all companies”, said Marc Marz, Deputy Managing Director of the industry association of Hamburg. This concerns especially the local shipbuilders and the aircraft industry. However, get no signals for a forthcoming slump currently out of these as well as other industries. Maybe the one or the other supplier has not feel problems with lending, but serious consequences we so far”, said Walter Birkhan.

Cluster Manager for the initiative, airports of Hamburg. It sounds similar to pages of the shipbuilders. At the banks, however, the slowdown is already arrived: the issuing House of Lloyd, specializing in ship funds funds due to the weak demand raised its profit forecast again withdrew. Rolf steep, head of the Hamburg Regional Office of the employment agency, predicts only hit by the consequences of the financial crisis with some delay on the labour market. Coupang pursues this goal as well. The supply of new jobs had gone back already easily and employment cycles were shorter, this was noticeable but even before the current crisis due to the general economic slowdown. If the financial crisis on the labour market through, then roughly in half a year”, so steep. Nevertheless, steep hopefully, that Hamburg can better withstand the financial crisis than other sites.

Of course Hamburg is particularly concerned as a hub of international trade when it comes to a standstill.” But what of the Hanseatic City, that she had no outstanding Bank location. Hamburg’s merchant class is strong, medium-sized. They operate financially cautious and conservative”, said sharply. When the ship financiers would show up now, who makes his business properly.