Greek Comedy

May 24, 2018


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Considered the biggest writer of comedy Greek of that time, it wrote forty parts more than, but only 11 had been known, amongst them Lisstrata, that wants to say in Greek ' ' the one that it dissolves/separates exrcitos' '. This workmanship was written to make a critical a War of the Peloponeso, and is during that if it passes action of the workmanship. The women, of the cities involved Greeks in the War of the Peloponeso, led for the Lisstrata athenian, decide to institute a sex strike and the invasion of the Acrpole, where the Athenian treasure is kept, to force its husbands to stop the fight and to establish the peace. The workmanship leaves clear the difference between men and women of the time. Being responsible they for the work, detainers of the power and the decisions, and fitting they only them domestic tasks and the pleasures flesh times. As note this vision in a stretch of the Poetical one, where Aristotle if relates to the women as inferior beings. In the part diverse peripcias happen, one of them are, when the tired women of the afflictions of the war and without being able politician or of decision, initiate the strike of sex and ' ' they take comando' ' facing the men with equality, thing that was considered impossible, or improbable, for that time. Although this, with this attitude the women obtain so longed for peace, fact also considered improbable.

According to Coast (2003), the opposite of the improbable fact is the probability, that if understands for a used criterion to guide in the choice of the arguments for the mimtica composition. All art, and in special literature is a representation of the reality, not it reality in essentially improbable, or impossible itself, nor neither something of if happening. The literary text supplies possible interpretations of this reality.