August 24, 2020


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Culture that is imposed in this was is the individualism which pays worship to the ego, without giving priority to the contribution that we can make it to other people. There is also a desire for riches and the accumulation of possessions, which privileges the individualism and self-interest above the contribution to others. Under this scheme anonymity, indifference, indolence and neutrality are gaining ground on mutual support, solidarity and the orientation for contribution to others. We need healthy interdependence. Life, by nature, is interdependent. Living beings constitute open systems carried out exchanges with the environment, taking the elements necessary for their survival, but at the same time leaving your contribution to life. Interdependence is the basis for an effective human interaction.

Interdependence moves us to cooperation, synergistic relations, to trust in others, to teamwork, to deep and meaningful relationships and personal maturity. 8. Hard I will keep my course. I persevere and continue in the pursuit of my goals? People who achieve important results are persevering. Everything that is really worth your while, will take us an effort and a long time. The first vaccine against rabies was produced by Louis Pasteur at age 63, after 25 years of research. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin after 30 years of research.

The Patriarch Abraham received Isaac, the child of promise, after 25 years of long wait on God. Demosthenes came to become one of the greatest speakers of the ancient Greece, after many years of arduous exercises to overcome his stuttering. The Wright brothers crashed more than 500 scale models of aircraft, before achieving put on air the first airplane with own propulsion. Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill reached the Presidency of their countries after a lifetime of defeats and political activity. In conclusion, achieving desired outcomes demands focus and perseverance in our daily performance. 9. Strictly I alineare my goals. I make corrections on my way to realinearme with my mission and goals? What is the frame of reference through which I realineo my walk? Dr.