Graphic Design Vs Contextual Advertising Viewer

September 12, 2019


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The composition brings together and orders graphic elements on a blank surface to achieve a practical and aesthetic result. This is the mission of a graphic designer, whose specialty is applied in the conduct of any print, audiovisual or interactive, it is an essential art which requires great intellect and good taste. The graphic designer must be detailed, careful and possessing high sensitivity and knowledge of the environment in which it operates. Gary Kelly may also support this cause. The graphic composition is the art and technique of design and have various elements of visual communication. The new generation of graphic designers is undoubtedly clever and creative, but often predominates in them the passion for the wonders that are capable of desktop publishing programs, apart from what really should be more important in his work: the message. Often we browse magazines where we find a truly eye-catching ads carousel, by the display of colorful effects and show, but the truth is, hardly any remain in the reader’s memory.

This is due to the excessive application of digital effects, fades, perspectives, distortions, shadows, transparencies and decorative fountains, distracting the viewer’s mind, away from the information they are supposed to contain these ads. This phenomenon is not unique to print media, just as was seen in outdoor advertising, websites and even on television. Example palpable as are the banners, and in this case the reaction is worse, comes the much-discussed “banner blindness.” The Cybernaut, a conditioned reflex automatically focuses his attention to the page content you want, ignoring, absolutely, look at these ads. This unconscious effect derives from the user experience online. What at first might be interesting, it is now somewhat tedious and monotonous, so we are desensitized to this type of stimulus. Of course, there are always exceptions. For example, novices, it pays attention to the banners, but someday it will stop.

A particular case what are the pages devoted exclusively to the promotion and sale of specific items, that intelligent design based on banners, fail to capture the attention of visitors, just because there the banners are the core content of the information. In conclusion, perhaps one of the factors causing these products to be the rush, the urgency characteristic of our times. This leads us not to think in advance, but once sitting at the computer, tracing the steps of the announcement, paste the logo, type in the address, “download” some clipart … and the progress we see that coming! With this modus operandi is lost the essence of the designer born: sensitivity. Only basic and poor manage to work where you lose even the concept of the image of the product, service or company that needs to be projected. Do not forget the graphic designer is first However, a visual communicator.