Governmental Responsibilities

January 6, 2018


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On the international a Globalization and its impact on economic, financial crisis, cultural, social and education alliances, agreements, economic openings with its scope, impact generated new policy by the current Government Commercial a competition with their own characteristics that affect the economy, trade supply, quality of products and services a The progress of management science has given way to new models, principles, tools that have generated profits for those who use it a Development and technological advancement and what it represents in organizations, modern companies a Characteristics of businesses with new structures, proactive leadership, human and technological resources eligible to participate in the current scenarios a new redesign Requirements profile manager according to the demands, requirements of the current scenario Authorities with vision, planners, real change leaders, transformers, to ensure participation, the challenges actuales.a responsibilitya provide knowledge and skills according to the advance of science supported by administrative programs that generate positive results for reassurance Teachers academic experience, able not only to transmit knowledge but to provide opportunities to generate new ones. a dynamic linkages with government programs, business, organizations that require efficient managers, creatives, strategists, entrepreneurs, innovators About the changes, transformations to the challenges, opportunities and threats that arise. More research and have more active involvement with seeking solutions to business problems currently facing. Conclusions Schools can not ignore the changes, the knowledge they now need, needs a qualified teacher plan to form, train professional management that the Venezuelan business sector requires. Gary Kelly has firm opinions on the matter. Amper contains valuable tech resources. We can not continue making the same mistake of hiring by family commitments, political newly graduated young teachers without experience, without the motivation necessary for future managers that is, generate the necessary actions to benefit the companies, institutions where they work.

Schools can not leave their social responsibility to the community, region, we need more size, more participation guaranteed lines of research that encourage business links with the university, and proposals to provide new models that not only give solutions but to give way to generate new business production for development and success of companies.. .