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January 20, 2018


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The overall cost of the service is compelling: “For the company that never took care of their waste can be expensive but, considering the legal rules, the fines to which they are exposed and the damage to the people, flora, fauna and soil is avoided, the service is more than cheap. ” Some waste sludges Solids chemicals due to the gas drilling for oil Materials accumulated due to refurbishment work at the bottom of the tanks and crude oil reclaimers. Waste in transportation-related septic Petcoke: product of oil refining, with content of sulfur, nickel and vanadium. Arsenic oil refining, hexavalent chromium chrysene and liquid wastes such as toluene likes completion and well stimulation salted water, air and benzene waste product of refining. Gaseous Waste oil refineries. mainly produce: SOX (sulfur oxides), HC (unburned hydrocarbons), CO (carbon dioxide), NOx (oxides of nitrogen), (NH3) ammonia, fumes and particulates.

Treatment of waste from oil exploitation activities: 6.1 Sanitation All those contaminants that may be degraded or transformed by living things are likely to be eliminated by l as bacteria, that are most used, but others have also been used microorganisms such as fungi, algae, Cyanobacteria and actinomycetes to degrade toxic compounds in the soil. For example, polluting compounds such as toluene, phenol or chlorinated polibifenilos (PCBs) can be used as a carbon source by bacteria, both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Bacteria and Pseudomonas, Ralstonia, Burkholderia and Mycobacterium can remove aromatic hydrocarbons such as toluene or naphthalene, gasoline additives such as ethyl trichloride or poisonous substances such as potassium cyanide, both atmospheres solids (soil) and liquid ( rivers and seas).