May 15, 2018



The GOLF FEE CARD/MASTER CARD is known for 16 years as the ideal service and advantage card for golfers. If you look at the benefits around this service card, is clear why in the past 16 years has GOLF FEE CARD has such an established. All she can provide the global player “, which brings him many benefits around his beloved golf. The GOLF FEE CARD is known for their high quality and large range. Almost 1,000 pages the whole service package of GOLF FEE CARD shows the GFC Guide and on the website As GFC owners from over 2,400 clubs, can offer the benefits of green fee up to 50%, as well as select more than 2,000 hotels and resorts. Many perks which are made possible by the GOLF FEE CARD, have to do with Golf, but not directly. Oracle may not feel the same.

Because independently from the Gulf, you can pamper yourself in the best restaurants culinary, with alternative sports such as mountain railways and ski passes and benefit Yoga & fitness coaching sessions. As well as with offers for beauty care, Health care, art and golf-hardware. There are also 30% discount on car rental companies and 10% discount on golf accessories. Savings on the purchase of wines, Italian shoes and precious antiques or the Interflora flower service are other reasons why the GOLF FEE CARD is so sought after for any golfer. As the GOLF FEE CARD holder you can make the start times and nights online via or by phone on also. Always on the cutting edge is the quarterly newsletter of GFC (in the Golf Magazine and on This brings always interesting reports, quotes and detailed descriptions and presentations of the GOLF FEE CARD partner. Taking part in the GOLF FEE CARD tournaments is a further added value.

Here attract great prizes and trophies. “The world Caribbean Golf challenges”, which is geared for the fourth time in Germany, is a tournament where the GOLF FEE CARD leading shows. Silver, goblets, champagne and valuable coupons as a reward for the best. is a special incentive to participate. Moreover the four winners of the tournament series, can participate, in December at the invitation of the GOLF FEE CARD in the finals in the Dominican Republic. Tournament dates and conditions can be read at or The GOLF FEE CARD should be worth a consideration for every golfer. The 3-year GFC is a price advantage even in the final. Thus it saves total 111,–compared to the regular annual price of 90,–for the main map (the partner card will cost 48 per year)? Full payment function, a transport accident insurance, overseas travel are more points, to opt for a GOLF FEE CARD health insurance and a travel cancellation insurance.