Going Beyond The Boundaries Of Key Business

November 14, 2019


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Two years ago the director of Bain & Company, Chris Zook come to grips with the development of the theme of building core business, in his book Profit from the Core, co-authored with James Allen. As he writes in his new book Beyond the Core: The most successful companies tend to use absolutely all the potential of their business before they think about going beyond its competence. " How did he manage to find out after the publication of Profit from the Core, the transition to new, greener "pastures," which he calls the exit to the adjacent area, the company puts a whole new set of problems relating to investment, time, competition and strategy. In the present passage of the Beyond the Core Zook explains how companies can win or lose as a result of such actions. Comment V-RATIO: American consultant Chris Zook first wrote a book about what companies should focus on their core competencies, and then, on reflection, concluded that in many cases it may be beneficial for the development of new activities.

On the one hand, successful companies there is a need to invest profits in new business areas, since the rise due to core competencies nowhere else. On the other hand, companies in crisis, often no alternative but to try to adjacent markets. Question, focusing on key competencies or seek new opportunities for business development occurs before the modern companies almost daily. As a rule, it is a choice, and one excludes the other. What choices do? Companies in all conditions should: – Focus on core competencies – Find New Business Opportunities Have you encountered a similar problem? How it was solved? Right on our site, in a special form, you can vote for any of the options.