Global Warming

November 3, 2017


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Today one can hardly find a man who would not disturb the unpredictability of weather, natural surprises and chilling predictions related to the ongoing changes Earth's climate. That just does not say and is not written in the media, and this information is presented, usually in a way to stun the reader, listener and viewer next sensation … with the final in the form of the Apocalypse. Indeed, our the eyes of the Earth's climate has changed and continues to vary widely. Hear other arguments on the topic with Southwest Airlines. For over thirty years at symposiums and conferences, in publications and through the media, scientists are trying to figure out and explain the reasons ongoing climate change the Earth.

These changes are mainly associated with the so-called global warming, which, according to some, is called the enhanced greenhouse effect, according to others – a decrease reflectivity of the snow cover the earth, according to the third – an increase in solar activity, according to the fourth – the formation in the atmosphere of 'ozone holes', etc. If you listen to all these opinions, the ordinary man in the street it may seem that talk actually go about anything, because the average temperature during the twentieth century has risen just something variously estimated at between 0.5 and 0.7 degrees. At first glance, such changes in temperature may seem insignificant against the background temperature fluctuations during the year and even days. Based on the study of ice cores in Greenland and Antarctica, the bones of extinct mammals of phosphates, the nature of the annual rings ancient trees, lake bottoms, or the life history of corals, scientists are trying to reconstruct the climate of the past and on the basis of these results to construct forecasts of climate change on thousands or Tens of thousands of years of "near future".