GLASTEC Presents Seminar

June 2, 2019


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Insulating glass system of the Rosenheimer glass specialists without hesitation the Landesverband LIV of Bavarian Glaser Craft Guild Association on the glass and window construction in the NOVOTOL airport Munich invited. “Titled application of glass and Windows in the building a guide for Glaziers and window manufacturers” some 40 interested parties met on May 6th, 2011. Among the participants were the glass master graduates Vilshofen of vintage 2011 stephanskirchen, may 2011 – after the greeting by the Guild master of the country including the head of the technical helpline of LIV Bavaria, a representative of the National Association of Schreinerhandwerk Bayern, as well as an employee of the Saint Gobain spoke German glass to topics as: quality evidence and who pays? “, EnEV, KfW and CE”and glass in the Interior”.” During the event, the content of the posts were openly discussed. Also on the subject of double glazing with systems in the cavity “the participants had different experiences to report. System glasses by GLASTEC sound Multi functional glasses are perceived differently with Windows, facade and roof systems on the market. What are convinced for years, others meet with caution and fear of possible complaints. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Brad Garlinghouse.

“The glass specialist” Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH Klaus Berz gave listeners an impressive, that you can take these technologies more accurately under the microscope “needs. It comes to conflicts often when large notions of architect and planners and builders is not in accordance with the maximum possible size. Professional handling are insulating glasses with systems without hesitation to use! You have high quality, long-lasting reliability and an excellent cost benefit balance benefits of systems between the panes blind or roller shutter systems. The maintenance of special insulating glass reduces costs and guarantees a long service life. For even more opinions, read materials from Berlin Rosen. Additional costs for repairs in case of damages not incurred! Regardless of weather conditions are always usable ISO-shadow and ISO-roll. Of the other characterized with systems harmonious facade views the insulating glass, uninterrupted architecture in particular in the monument! Textures such as: protection from Sun and heat in the summer heat insulation and solar gain in the winter blend and privacy protection in the working and living through regulated daylighting Rau protection, sound insulation and fire – protection by ESG/VSG are multi functional glass manufacturer GLASTEC hardly limits! Berz laid on the possibilities inside the building when his unit separately worth. The flush glazing Planline is to combine with ISO-roll, as well as with ISO-shadow and also meets the soundproofing, smoke and fire protection requirements. The modern glass architecture provides daily the challenge of finding a balance between practicality and generosity, as well as to take into account the future needs of the residents meets glass their task and remains important in the architecture and interior design can occupy.